Dr Phil discusses Chiropractic with a College President

Dr. Phil and Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, President of Parker Chiropractic University, discuss the benefits of chiropractic wellness care.

ChiropracTIC is the science and art of finding and correcting vertebra that are misplaced and causing neurological dysfunction. By moving the vertebra back to its normal position and allowing the command and control system of the body (the nervous system) to function at optimum performance, your body is free to function as it should. Call today to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor.

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What is Health?

What is Health?

Is health the absents of symptoms? Then why do we call some diseases “the silent deadly killers”?

Health has more to do with taking care of what you have than trying to repair and replace what is broken. If you wait till your car breaks down on the freeway before you get it serviced, are you helping or hurting yourself? Or is it that you like huge car bills to replace motors and transmissions? Do you use the same logic with your teeth? How about your spine?

The spine is taken for granted. Very few people think about the spine and “how do I take better care of it”till it hurts. Sometimes pain is the last 10% of a degenerative process.

We are not a product of our injuries; we are a product of how we take care of our injuries. By age 10, the average child has had 200 significant falls.

Using pain as our meter for spinal maintenance is like looking for smoke out the tailpipe to get an oil change.

These accidents are the precursors to limitations later in life. In a perfect world, those injuries would have been addressed and corrected as near to 100% as possible. And the precursors may never have developed into spinal and joint decay. Now that we have reached middle age and have let the precursors mature into spinal and joint decay, working on restoring optimum potential for our spine and joints should be priority one with natural chiropractic care.

By aligning your spine with chiropractic care and correcting your lifestyle , you begin to move as close to 100 percent function and have your best chance of not only feeling better, and reaching and maintaining your optimum health potential. 

Yours in Health,

Dr. Trace Palmer

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