Delicate Balance of Your Body

Neural Complexity

15,000 connection per Neuron, 100 Million Neurons

The complexity of the human body is amazing. Every human is born with approximately 100,000,000 neurons and by the time your 3yrs old each of these neurons connect to 15,000 other neurons. That’s 1.5 Trillion connections that command and control your body’s functions. These functions are a delicate balance that we call “Life”. The innate intelligence in your body regulates these delicate functions to maintain optimum performance. At 200 miles per hour, signals are running through your body giving the brain sensory information so the brain can understand what’s happening in that tissue and/or organ. Then the brain sends out a motor system signal out to adjust the reactions in that tissue and/or organ to adapt to the environment. With 1.5 trillion connections having signals travel through your body at 200 mph to the 37.2 trillion cells in your body, now that’s the definition of complexity..

How you treat your body and what you put into your body is important. Studies show that decreasing hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and other non natural chemicals helps to enhance and maybe even prolong life. Multiple lifestyles / diets have crept into our culture to address this, like: Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Low Carb, Pescatarian, Kosher, etc. All of the different lifestyles try to eliminate processed, caged, and genetically modified foods that don’t fit into a  healthy lifestyle. In the healthy lifestyle that you’ve attached yourself to are you eating and exposing our body to chemicals and food that promote health naturally?


Evolution of the Human Diet

If our bodies are a temple, are we treating it the way we should?

Our culture has also added the McDonald’s culture, “I want it now and I’m not willing to wait”. This culture’s mentality has also crept into our health care in the form of the “silver bullet” pills aka antibiotics. That thought has expanded into other areas like blood pressure, cholesterol, type II diabetes, etc. All of these conditions have cause and effect, but the pills are life long therapeutic medications that never deal with correction of the causation of the actual disease. So if you don’t take the medication the lab value returns to the previous value which your MD has deemed to be harmful. So what do you do? All systems of the body change with our activities, the bad activities produce bad results over long periods of time. This bring us back to the McDonald’s culture, stop taking the easy quick way out, CHANGE YOUR HABITS that got you here in the first place.

Infant ChiropracticNatural healthcare starts with recognising that the body is complicated and has no quick fixes that don’t have consequences. Chiropractic looks at this complicated system and tries to remove interference in the nervous system without trying to change a value on a lab test. Chiropractor adjust vertebra to increase the availability of sensory information to the brain so the brain can adapt the tissues to the environment that’s affecting the tissues without out medication adverse reactions. By using a natural healthcare field your recognising that “first do no harm” was meant to give reverence to the complicated system that is governed by Innate Intelligence.

Yours in Health,

Trace Palmer, DC









Your Nervous System

Neurons Connections LifeYour nervous system is mysterious. Scientists have yet to figure out what it’s saying. Human beings can go down to the bottom of the ocean, pick up a Trans-Atlantic fiber optic cable and tap into almost any conversation in any language, but we have yet to decipher a single nerve communication. The complexity of the nervous system remains elusive and it’s the source of your life or light of your life.

Complexity of Your Nervous System:

In your nervous system there are 100,000,000 neurons or biological wires that connect to 15,000 other biological wires. Giving you 1,500,000,000,000 (1.5 Trillion) connections in your nervous system. Each one of these neurons has a function in the body and that function can be reduced by 50% with 8mm of mercury pressure. To give you an example, when a storm rolls in and your uncle’s knee starts aching, that’s 50-120mm of mercury pressure change. Did you feel it change? This complexity of 1.5 trillion connections and the fragility of these tissues makes it hard to figure out the communications and functions of the nervous system.

Nerve Innate LightOn earth there are 4,770,000,000 cell phones. If every person had 319 contacts that they used daily, the cellular system would be as complicated as your central nervous system. As richmond hill chiropractors, we look at how the body is dysfunctioning and as we adjust vertebra that are misaligned we’re trying to relieve some of the pressure that’s causing the nerve to dysfunction. The slight pressure on 10,000 neurons makes it very hard to predict how the system will recover when the pressure is released because each of those neurons has different function.

Every person reacts differently because no two people are wired the same.  Our nervous systems function differently because of our experiences and injuries those experiences have caused. Every injury has caused scar tissue. The better we take care of those injuries, the less scar tissue. The more we medicate and disregard the healing process, the larger the scar tissue grows with every irritation to the injury.

Scar Tissue Spine

Chiropractic Care:

Under consistent neurological function care (aka chiropractic), injured tissue develops less scar tissue and maintains higher function at a neuronal level (neurons). This affects how you feel.


But if health were about how you feel, then the person on the most narcotics would be the healthiest. That’s a lie. Health is about function. If you function as close to 100% of your body’s ability, then how you feel is directly proportional to how you’ve taken care of it. At Palmer Chiropractic, we focus on the source of the communication dysfunction that’s keeping your nervous system from commanding and controlling your body to its optimum performance. Call 912-756-3433 to start your health care plan.

A Miracle? Or a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A mother’s story about her daughter and her chiropractor.

Emily D. H.
DOB: May 20,1998
7 pounds, 15 ounces; 20 inches
Full Term – C-section because of breech.
Health, alert, and a happy baby girl.

          Emily sat up with no support at 5 months old. At 7 months old Emily rolled over for her first time (back to stomach). How exciting for us. As the days went on Emily didn’t roll over anymore.

          On February 22, 1999 Emily went for her 9 month check-up to see her pediatrician. Her doctor said he was very concerned about Emily because she seemed to have a developmental delay. Emily at this point was not rolling over – would not tolerate to be on her belly at all (she screamed)! She would also not put any pressure on her legs or feet. She would clunch her legs up to her belly – she would not straighten out her legs to stand at all. Therefore she had no desire to get on all fours, crawl or walk. Her doctor decided he would like her to see a pediatric neurologist (in Grand Rapids). Also he wanted her to start physical therapy 3 times a week.

          Emily started physical therapy on February 24, 1999. Two weeks into her therapy Emily rolled over from back to front again (at 9 ½ months old) from her first time at 7 months old. A week later she was rolling back to stomach and stomach to back. Was therapy really going to help?

          On May 19, 1999 (1 day before Emily’s 1st year birthday) she went to see the pediatric neurologist. This doctor said she was unaware of what could be wrong with Emily. She said, “I’ve never seen a baby that won’t stand at all!” An appointment to have a MRI of the brain, a MRI of the lower spinal and blood work (to rule out any muscle disease) was scheduled for July 1st, 1999 (at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids). While waiting for this appointment Emily’s pediatrician decided to send her over to have xrays done of her hips. Results came back normal. So we waited to have the MRI’s and blood work done, while now having physical therapy twice a week. Not seeing any significant progress in therapy at this point. Emily’s appointment was here and we went through the MRI’s and blood work! Results came back all normal. All doctors were saying, “She’s so puzzling, we don’t know what could be wrong.” Still saying Emily has a developmental delay.

          From February 1999 to July 1st, 1999 Emilys therapy progress consisted of: reaching for items away from her (bending over), sitting up straight with her legs straight in front of her (instead of in a wide position), picking up Cheerios with her forefinger and thumb, tolerating being on her belly, getting on her belly from a sitting position, and rolling over consistently. Little progress was on its way but nothing significant!!

          Emilys mother now is carrying around a 22 pound 13 month old child and definitely needs to go see Dr. Palmer. “My back is out of wack!” I tell him about Emily not crawling or walking and he says, “Bring her in to be adjusted!” I’m thinking, “How weird!” “Should I try it?” I’m thinking “Emily’s not going to let him touch her!” Well, guess what. I decide, “What’s to lose? We’ll try it!” Emily was adjusted on July 22nd, 1999 for her first time – just an hour after her adjustment I was seeing improvement. She was going from laying on her belly to pushing up on her hands and moving backwards to an upright sitting position on her butt! How amazing, could it be the adjustment or was it a miracle? Emily went back on July 25 and each time I seen more improvement. This time she started putting pressure on her legs standing for a period of 2 minutes at a time. Also was sitting on her knees (which at therapy when we had put her on her knees she would scream and cry). Now she was doing it herself and tolerating it. Next appoint August 3rd she was doing more standing and putting pressure on her knees. I kept saying I’ll keep bringing her to the chiropractor because this is the best improvement we’ve ever seen. On August 7, 1999 was Emilys 4th appointment to be adjusted. Later that night Emily (14 months old) got on all fours and started crawling! First 2 moves forward and minutes later 9 and 10 moves forward! How amazing! Definitely now convinced that chiropractic is a wonderful thing! On Monday, August 9th, 1999 Emily is now standing (with the support of someone holding her under her arms). She puts pressure on her feet moving fast stamping her feet as though she was running. By Tuesday, August 10, 1999 Emily was crawling room to room! We can’t wait for another adjustment!

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