Frog Soup

In order to prepare frog soup you’ll need a few things:

A live frog

A kettle or pot


Now if you try to boil the water and throw the live frog into the soup, he’ll immediately jump out, but if your clever you’ll put the frog into a pot of cold water and gradually turn up the heat and he wont notice the rise in temperature till its to late and you’ll have frog soup…

This is allot like your spines, we notice the major accidents that cause us pain, but allow the slow process of degeneration to creep up on us until its too late and the neuro-surgeon says “your going to lose the ability to use your arm in the next 2 years if you dont’ have surgery”… aka your a dead frog in boiling water or Frog Soup…

The national average age for a chiropractic patient’s first visit is 47 years old. How long have you been seeing the dentist? What would your teeth look like if you saw your dentists for the first time at age 47? Why then do you wait till pain sets in or you have a traumatic accident before seeing a spine specialist – a Chiropractor? Your spine is a living thing that requires your attention.

Is back and neck pain natural? What causes it? How do you get it to go away?

If you said “it’ll go away on its own or Alieve, Tylenol, Advil, Asprin – then your in line with Eisenstein’s Definition of Insanity “doing the same thing over and over again and thinking your going to get a different result” because you never actually correct the bio-mechanical problem, you just cover it up…

By the time a child is 5 years old they’ll have 200 significant fall, occasionally these falls injure the bio-mechanics of the spine and need to be addressed just like cavities need to be filled. (I was first checked at 3 days o;d and I’ll compare my x-rays with any 44 year old male, who’s ready to take the challenge, I have over 128 stitches in my head from 4 car accidents, rugby, skateboarding, etc.)

If you’ve neglected your body for years, get up from the computer now and call your local chiropractor to be evaluated…. Are you perpetuating the Frog Soup mentality in your children?

Your health is our concern,

Trace Palmer, DC

Chiropractor – Richmond Hill, GA


15 Minutes a Day

What can you do in 15 minutes that could impact your life on a daily basis?

Walk a mile

Visit your chiropractor

Fix a salad for lunch

Do your towel roll exercises


Sit down with your family and learn about each others day


Plan out tomorrows schedule

All of the above have a place in a healthy lifestyle, but in the American “go! go! go! culture”, we rarely sit and smell the roses.

As a chiropractor, I see the bombardment of advertisements that have permeated our culture. These products are used to overcome aches, pains, and feelings that would be alleviated by simply taking care of ourselves, slowing down, and de-stressing

The Chiropractic Adjustment doesn’t cure a single thing, but simply removes pressure on the nervous system that causes dysfunction in the communication pathways, then the body starts to react as it should and begins to adapt to its environment. As an example – take your cell phone dip it in water and see how the communication pathways in its circuit boards are interfered with… That is what you’re doing to your spine…. Now you can put your cell phone in rice and it may work again but it will never be the same, some of the function will be lost… each time it gets wet it will get worse until you have to replace it…. FYI your spine can’t be replaced!

In the end, the Go Go Go Culture takes better care of their cellphones than they do their spines.

Yours in Health,

Trace Palmer, DC

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