Satisfaction Survey – 45k people – Chiropractic Stands Out vs Medication

Consumer Reports Surveys Readers on Alternative Health Care Use

Chiropractic use, satisfaction high for back & neck pain.

 Consumer Reports online survey of more than 45,000 of its subscribers.

And the Survey Says…
  • Back pain:

36% of survey respondents utilized chiropractic for back pain; 65 % said it “helped a lot.”

Prescription medication use was slightly higher (38 percent), but only 53%  said it “helped a lot”.

Over-the counter medication use was much higher (58 percent), but only 28% said  said it “helped a lot”.

Other therapies with high utilization and/or perceived benefit: deep-tissue massage (24 percent use, 51% percent said it “helps a lot”).

Some of the other therapies used: glucosamine / chondroitin (14 percent use / 12 percent said it “helps a lot”), fish-oil supplements (10 percent / 7 percent), yoga (9 percent / 49 percent), acupuncture (8 percent / 41 percent), multivitamins (11 percent / 5 percent).

  • Neck pain: 

Forty-one percent said they’ve utilized chiropractic for neck pain; 64% said it “helps a lot.”

Deep-tissue massage was second in terms of perceived benefit (58 percent), although a distant third in terms of use(35 percent reported use).

Over-the-counter and prescription meds were the second and fourth most utilized treatment methods (56 percent and 33 percent), but only 39% and 25% of users, respectively, said the medication “helped a lot.”

Whats truly amazing about these statistics, Big Pharma industry spends over $11,000,000,000.00 (11 billion dollars) annually on direct to consumer advertising, to get you to take their medication. And you, the general public, have said that chiropractic is more effective than the pain killers.

Newtons III Law states: for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction

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