Superbowl 2012 – NY Giants Secret Weapon for Peak Performance

The New York Giants have a “secret weapon” that comes from pioneers like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. These two have won four Super Bowls with this tightly guarded secret. Jerry Rice has gone as far to become an advocate of this (secret weapon) , to let the world know about what helps his performance.

Other Athletes:

New York Times – Apr 26, 1940 – “Don Vernon remained in New York to subject his ailing back to a (secret weapon) tender mercies.”

Los Angeles Times – Jan 10, 1937 “”Crazy Legs” Stark, completely recovered from the (secret weapon) treatments”

Detroit News – Oct 11, 1940 – “Tigers‘ second base job if Dutch Meyers throwing arm responds to treatment by a (secret weapon)  during the winter .

The “secret weapon”  care has been helping professional and olympic athletes for over 75 years.

75 years later, on the sidelines with the New York Giants is Dr. Rob DeStefano, a chiropractor, that takes care of your Giants in between downs. Yes, that’s right, he adjusts the  players spines  to keep them in peak performance and perfect health. NBC New York ran a story on his participation with the team, including his last five years with the team.

Spinal misalignment can be robbing your young athlete of precious performance. Sports are trying to be safer and more injury responsive, but at the same time the kids are hitting harder, faster, and farther than ever before. The difference between a gold and no medal in the 100 meter dash is .125 seconds. Peak performance starts with healthy eating, drinking lots of water, 8 hours of sleep nightly, good training, and a command and control system (nervous systems) free of interference. Only a chiropractor is trained in finding and fixing these insidious robbers of performance.

Call your chiropractor today to reach peak performance.

Yours in health,

Dr. Trace Palmer – Chiropractor

2000 Sidney Olympics – Team Chiropractor

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Is it Healthcare? or really a Disease Care System?

In today’s society we use this word “health” very freely without regards to real meaning.

Noah Webster wrote in his original version of the Webster’s Dictionary “HEALTH, n. helth. [from heal.] That state of an animal or living body, in which the parts are sound, well organized and disposed, and in which they all perform freely their natural functions.”, he does go further to speak about plants, animals, and religious health.

Current Webster’s definition “a : the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit;especially : freedom from physical disease or pain”

World.Health.Organization – Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The part that confuses me is the “in which they(parts) all perform freely their natural function.” because we as a society have tried to circumvent the natural function portion of the definition of health and it (natural function) has been deleted from the current Websters Dictionary and substituted with “sound”.

Let’s see if these statements are true or false:

  1. There is a man who takes statin drugs to change the cholesterol in his body. These drugs help him with natural function.
  2. There is a  man who takes statin drugs to change the cholesterol in his body. These drugs help him to remain sound.

#2 is the current all0pathic(medical) model, where the medicines are distributed to try to stabilize a body that has dysfunction and side effects are minor.

#1 is actually false. To help with natural function, the substance would have to come from nature in a normal environment. Examples an orange, apple, broccoli, etc. Statin pharmaceuticals come from a lab and block functions in the body and as time goes on we start to see the unintended consequences like diabetes.

Here is a list of drugs that were approved by the FDA but now the unintended consequences have  landed many people in the hospitals and/or graves prematurely: Celexa,Lexapro,Fosmax, Zoloft, Topamax, Meridia, Accutane, Wellbutrin,   Paxil, Depakote, Reglan to name a few.

Health does not come from a bottle. It comes from inside all of us. It starts with drinking clean water (your body weight / 2 = ounces per day recommended), eating a balanced diet (preferably the Paleo Diet), getting 8 hours of restful sleep (on your back), brisk 30 minutes of exercise 5x a week, and keeping your command and control system (the nervous system) free of interference.

For 117 years chiropractors have been adjusting the spine to clear interference with the nervous system. As science catches up to the chiropractic adjustment, the scientific world is validating what chiropractors have been saying for over a century.

Scientific advancements that have validated just a fraction of what chiropractors have known for years:

Neck Pain   Spinal Manipulation, Medication, or Home Exercise  for  Neck Pain

Headaches   Dose response and efficacy of spinal manipulation for chronic  headache

Asthma   Chronic pediatric asthma and chiropractic spinal manipulation

Infant Reflux    Chiropractic care of a pediatric patient with reflux disease – Palmer Chiropractic Case – Ramsey

Yours in Health,

Dr. Trace Palmer – Chiropractor

Palmer Chiropractic – Richmond Hill, Ga

Concussion Specialist – Sidney Crosby elects to see Dr. Ted Carrick, a Functional Neurologist, for care

Recently in the news an NHL super star, Sidney Crosby, has elected to work out with Dr. Ted Carrick , a  Chiropractic Neurologist, with the Carrick Institute at Life University.   Inside Hockey reported:  Sidney Crosby Video with the Carrick Institute

Back on Jan. 6, 2011, Sidney Crosby suffered a concussion that took him out of the lineup for the Pittsburgh Penguins. After months of utilizing standard medical treatment  with out substantial gains, Sidney Crosby elected to travel to Life University to work with Dr. Ted Carrick and the Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology this past summer. Withing a few weeks, substantial progress was made that allowed Sidney to resume training. A conference was held to discuss Sidney’s prognosis after Chiropractic Neurology. please view the News Conference  with the Penguins Organization, Dr. Ted Carrick – Carrick Institute at Life University and  Michael Collins, Ph.D, the Director of  the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Sports Medicine – Concussion Program.

On Nov. 21st, Sidney Crosby re-joined the team on the ice against the NY Islanders, scoring 2 goals.

On December 5th, Sidney was hit around and began feeling some of the symptoms return.

With the less improvement from normal medical care, Sidney Crosby decided to return to Atlanta in January 2012 for care with Dr. Carrick at Life University.

Today, Jan 17th,2012 – the Pittsbugh Gazzette reported: Penguins General Manager Shero said there is no timetable for Crosby to return to the team, although it could be as early as next week, and that Crosby could go through specialized exercises and perhaps skate while under Carrick’s supervision.

“Those [exercises] seemed to help him,” Shero said. “We’re very fortunate [Carrick] was able to do this.”

Shero said he had dinner with Carrick in the fall and learned a great deal about the treatments Crosby had in the summer.
The 24 year old, 2009 NHL MVP, is choosing to use Chiropractic Functional Neurology to make his return to the Ice.

Have you seen a chiropractor to evaluate the health of your nervous system?

Yours in health,

Dr. Trace Palmer

Palmer Chiropractic


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