Delicate Balance of Your Body

The complexity of the human body is amazing. Every human is born with approximately 100,000,000 neurons and by the time your 3yrs old each of these neurons connect to 15,000 other neurons. That’s 1.5 Trillion connections that command and control your body’s functions. These functions are a delicate balance that we call “Life”. The innate intelligence in your body regulates these delicate functions to maintain optimum performance. At 200 miles per hour, signals are running through your body giving the brain sensory information so the brain can understand what’s happening in that tissue and/or organ. Then the brain sends out a motor system signal out to adjust the reactions in that tissue and/or organ to adapt to the environment. With 1.5 trillion connections having signals travel through your body at 200 mph to the 37.2 trillion cells in your body, now that’s the definition of complexity..

How you treat your body and what you put into your body is important. Studies show that decreasing hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and other non natural chemicals helps to enhance and maybe even prolong life. Multiple lifestyles / diets have crept into our culture to address this, like: Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Low Carb, Pescatarian, Kosher, etc. All of the different lifestyles try to eliminate processed, caged, and genetically modified foods that don’t fit into a  healthy lifestyle. In the healthy lifestyle that you’ve attached yourself to are you eating and exposing our body to chemicals and food that promote health naturally?

If our bodies are a temple, are we treating it the way we should?

Our culture has also added the McDonald’s culture, “I want it now and I’m not willing to wait”. This culture’s mentality has also crept into our health care in the form of the “silver bullet” pills aka antibiotics. That thought has expanded into other areas like blood pressure, cholesterol, type II diabetes, etc. All of these conditions have cause and effect, but the pills are life long therapeutic medications that never deal with correction of the causation of the actual disease. So if you don’t take the medication the lab value returns to the previous value which your MD has deemed to be harmful. So what do you do? All systems of the body change with our activities, the bad activities produce bad results over long periods of time. This bring us back to the McDonald’s culture, stop taking the easy quick way out, CHANGE YOUR HABITS that got you here in the first place.

Natural healthcare starts with recognising that the body is complicated and has no quick fixes that don’t have consequences. Chiropractic looks at this complicated system and tries to remove interference in the nervous system without trying to change a value on a lab test. Chiropractor adjust vertebra to increase the availability of sensory information to the brain so the brain can adapt the tissues to the environment that’s affecting the tissues without out medication adverse reactions. By using a natural healthcare field your recognising that “first do no harm” was meant to give reverence to the complicated system that is governed by Innate Intelligence.

Yours in Health,

Trace Palmer, DC

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