Posture and Pain

In a culture of brushing your teeth 1-3x daily, when was the last time you did some spinal exercises to strengthen and straighten your spine?

How we lay on our beds, sit in our chairs, and how we stand affects our posture. Proper posture causes less stress and degenration on our spine, but improper posture leads to spinal decay.

As chiropractors, we see many people that have 3rd or 4th stage degeneration in the spine. At that point we help manage the problem and diminish the pain as much as possible. Our focus as a society should be on prevention, which stimulates health and wellness.

By following a chiropractic spinal exercise program and getting  routine chiropractic evaluations and adjustments of any misaligned vertebrae, you can avoid spinal decay. Most of our “Spinal Health”  patients visit our office once every 1-2 months for a spinal check-up.

Remember, you only get one spine and you can’t replace it. How you take care of it now, determines how it takes care of you later.

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Does Breast Augmentation Lead to Hyperkyphosis and Back Pain?

Hyperkyphosis, more commonly known as hunchback, is a condition that causes exaggerated rounding up the upper spine.  In the most mild form, the spine may look relatively normal, while more aggressive forms cause the growth of a hump, severe problems with lung, nerve and organ function as well as severe pain.

 Recently, we’ve seen 3 different women (40-63 years of age) with mid-back pain that have had augmentation (5,7, & 16 years ago). All 3 females have hyperkyphosis .  The rounded appearance of the mid-back made it almost impossible for them to do wall angels (direction to follow next week) and has made them susceptible to compression fractures later in life.

In a review of literature for studies about breast implants and back pain, to our dismay very little has been published on this  issue. What surprised us more is the annual rate of increase that women are getting this surgery.

Our thoughts are that as a woman develops, the muscular frame develops with her. When a woman adds implants instantly, her frame is not equipped to handle the additional anterior (front) weight, therefore the mid back begins to develop a hump which leads to hyperkyphosis. As chiropractors, we can adjust the vertebra to increase nervous sytem function, but 90% of the postural correction is up to the patient to follow through on her exercises and ergonomic lifestyle changes. As we are dealing with problems that manifested over multiple years, each woman will have her own timetable for restoring her proper posture, 12-24 months may be a realistic goal.

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Until a long-term study is done, looking at a control group and a study group, we’ll be left with opinions.  Here are some articles that we found online:

Reduction mammaplasty: a significant improvement at any size.

Study links breast reduction to reduced back disorders “In the study, women who had breast reduction experienced decreased stress in their lower back while performing a physical activity or task. In addition, participants reported dramatic improvements in their ability to perform dynamic movements and withstand static positions.’

“breast implants could eventually cause back pain or problems just as naturally large breasts do”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced a possible association between saline and silicone gel-filled breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a very rare type of cancer. Data reviewed by the FDA suggest that patients with breast implants may have a very small but significant risk of ALCL in the scar capsule adjacent to the implant.

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