Pediatrics Case Study – Asthma, Neck Pain, Headaches & Reading Disabilities

In the September 2010  Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, a documented case study showed how chiropractic care helped a 10-year-old boy who was suffering from a variety of health problems including headaches, neck pain, asthma, and reading disabilities.

A 10 year old boy was brought to a chiropractor’s office with a history of headaches and neck pain for 3 years. The history revealed that the boy had been injured 3 years earlier while wrestling, and had neck problems for 3 weeks after that initial injury, also the headaches also began at that time. Unfortunately, the young boy was also suffering from a multiple other chronic health problems, the neck pain and headaches were viewed as part of an overall poor health.

Some of the other health issues the boy was experiencing included asthma, associated with nasal allergies and sinusitis. As a result the boy was taking a variety of drugs for his health problems, and had been through a battery of medical testing.

A chiropractic examination of this boy was conducted, positive findings were noted and care was initiated. After only three weeks of care the study documents that the boy’s symptoms were gone. This included his headaches and neck pain. Additionally, The boy was able to discontinue his asthma medications with no return of respiratory symptoms. The doctors also documented how this young boy’s schoolwork also greatly improved. The doctors wrote, “His performance in school was dramatically improved; and his mother, teachers, school nurse, and pediatrician reported how his scholastic performance, comprehension in reading, and physical endurance had gone from low average to above average.”

Neurologically, this little boy had a compromised nervous system that was affecting his overall health. “After 3 years of neck pain and headaches and 4 years of asthma, reading difficulty, and learning disability, this patient’s symptoms resolved. The patient has remained free of symptoms in these areas of difficulty for 2 years since his initial treatments.” This was not a miracle but a chiropractor adjusting a misplaced vertebra that was affecting the child’s ability to live up to his maximum human potential.

Note from Dr. Trace: “Caring for children is the greatest reward for a chiropractor, because  helping a child with asthma, crawling, reflux, bed wetting, etc., helps the child reach their maximum human potential. Maximum human potential should be the goal of every healthcare provider for their patients.”

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Infant Re-flux and Chiropractic Pediatrics

Recently our office had a little girl (Ramsey), 8 weeks old, in because she had  reflux (in mom’s words “projectile vomiting”) after every feeding.Acid Reflux  & Chiropractic Care

The Ramsey’s pediatrician had prescribed anti-reflux medication (Zantac) which seemed to have no effect. So “Mom” decided to try chiropractic care for Ramsey.

Upon going through the infant history on birth process, medications, and 8 weeks of history. We preformed an exam on her spinal function and motion. Little Ramsey handled the exam well. With mom’s permission, Dr. Trace adjusted 2 vertebra using an infant ICPA techniques, taught to him by Dr. Larry Webster. After adjusting her, we scheduled a return visit in 4 days.

Upon returning to the office, Mom reported that Ramsey had “No reflux” the next day and only 1 episode each of the following 2 days. Mom also commented this was the best weekend Ramsey had since she came home. Dr. Trace checked her again and adjusted once more. Ramsey was then scheduled in 3 days later.

On the third visit, Mom reported that Ramsey had not re-fluxed or vomited at all and she was doing great.

Chiropractic care is the focus on the relationships between the body’s spine, nervous system, interference of the nervous system – and the patient’s health. Chiropractors believe that health can be improved and preserved by making adjustments to the spine to relieve nervous system interference. They do not prescribe drugs or perform surgical procedures.

Health is a function of the body when the body is clear of the three stresses: chemical, emotional, & mechanical.

Note from Dr. Trace: “Caring for children is the greatest reward for a chiropractor, because  helping a child with asthma, crawling, reflux, bed wetting, etc., helps the child reach their maximum human potential. Maximum human potential should be the goal of every healthcare provider for their patients.”

Yours in Health,

Dr. Trace Palmer

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“Chiropractic Safer and More Effective” – Says Medical Researchers

pril 2011 – Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Dr. Trace Palmer – Chiropractor in Richmond Hill, Ga, found this research article outlining the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic care.

New study by Medical Researchers shows Chiropractors are a safer form of maintenance care for your spine.

Maintenance care for spines has been the “backbone” mantra of the Chiropractic profession for decades.

To quote the Medical Researchers “After controlling for severity and demographics, no health maintenance care is generally as good as chiropractor care.” (Spinal Care)

A total of 894 cases followed 1-year using workers’ compensation claims data. Provider types were defined for the initial episode of disability and subsequent episode of health maintenance care.

Results showed that the Disability Reoccurrence (lower is better) for:

Chiropractic   1.00   (safest and most effective  —- Costs Less)

No Care 1.20 (20% more relapses vs a chiropractor)

MD’s 1.60 (60% more relapses vs a chiropractor)

PT’s 2.00 (100% more relapses vs a chiropractor)

Please make note that the “No Care / maybe it will go away” group had 20% more reoccurrences than the chiropractic maintenance group.

Conclusion:  Its about time that you looked at a safe and effective alternative to drugs and surgery, Chiropractors have been providing their patients with proven care for more than 116 years, since 1895.

Thank you and consider that over 85% of the population in the United States don’t visit a chiropractor regularly. But those 15% that do are extending the number of quality of years that they have by prevention through natural chiropractic care. Don’t put off your decision to seek out a chiropractor till it hurts, most of the time degeneration has already set in.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Trace Palmer

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