Autism an Autoimmune Disease?

New York Times – “One large Danish study, which included nearly 700,000 births over a decade, found that a mother’s rheumatoid arthritis, a degenerative disease of the joints, elevated a child’s risk of autism by 80 percent. Her celiac disease, an inflammatory disease prompted by proteins in wheat and other grains, increased it 350 percent. Genetic studies tell a similar tale. Gene variants associated with autoimmune disease — genes of the immune system — also increase the risk of autism, especially when they occur in the mother.”

Autism locked in your mindRecently we had a two year old patient (we’ll call her Jane for the sake of the article) that started to exhibit the characteristics of Autism. Jane began to space out. The duration and frequency began to increased, so mom had her checked out thinking she was sick.

With appointments with her pediatrician, neurologist, and other medical professionals, no cause or treatment was given, it was almost like an “I’m sorry mam” approach. But Jane’s mom would not go gentile into that goodnight. She searched for a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctor. With the guidance of a DAN Doctor, a Paleo like diet, and some testing through The Great Plains Laboratory for autism, the DAN Doctor was able to diagnosis a fungal type infection and a parasitic infection that was causing her immune system to go haywire and the brain was over producing  neuro transmitters that would end up damaging the brain.

With the paleo like diet to reduce the inflammatory substances found in our regular american diet, a few natural supplements to help stabilize  some of the neuro transmitters and help protect the brain, the DAN doctor began to work on defeating the fungal infection and helping the body catch up and over take the parasite.

In mere months Jane has returned to a near normal 2+ year old.

Do we really grasp the entirety of corn, soy, wheat, and other Omega 6 crops inflammatory effects on the human body? No, but most people that start the Paleo Diet  and begin to “weed” themselves off Monsanto’s GMO food crops tend to have better long term outcomes. Study on Paleo Diet

Is Autism and Auto Immune Disease? Jane’s mom thinks so and we tend to believe our patients when the other option is “going gentile into that good night”. If it were our child, we would  rage against the dying of the light

At Palmer Chiropractic we offer natural healthcare through chiropractic adjustment of misaligned vertebra that are causing neurological dysfunction, called a subluxation. The nervous sytem controls all of the functions in the body, lack of control leads to DIS-Ease and diminished health. Is your family subluxation free?

Proudly serving Richmond Hill, Midway, and Georgetown without the use of drugs or surgery.


Feeling Good Equals Health?

Many people in our community believe that feeling good is an expression of health. So let’s look at the two x-rays below. Both of these people feel good. Both have been in traumatic accidents. Do they both have a healthy spine?Cervical Curve Lordodic Kyphotic Pain

As you can see, the x-ray on the left is a normal cervical curve (lordosis) while the one on the right side has reversed cervical curve (kyphotic). The center of gravity on the left x-ray is located on the bony structures  in the back of the neck (that were designed to hold up the head), while the right x-ray has a center of gravity that is over the disks. If we look at the vertebra and their shapes, the left x-ray has good definition without any signs of degeneration but the right xray shows signs of a compression fracture of  C6 and anterior degeneration on C4 & C5; all disks seem to have a normal height.

Which one of these patients has a better chance of having less problems later in life?

Let’s see if you can match up the following facts to the correct xray?

A – 19 years old

B – 43 years old

C – No stitches in head

D – 73 stitches in head

E – No car accidents

F – Car Accidents (4) – Including a totaled Jeep 4×4

G – Never had a trampoline

H – Has a trampoline – one fall but no “injury”

I – No chiropractic care as a child

J – Chiropractic care throughout childhood

Now that you have completed the list which goes to which?

Cervical Curve Lordodic Kyphotic Pain

B, D, F, G, J                                                                                   A, C, E, H, I

That’s right, the x-ray on the right is the author, Dr. Trace Palmer, who has been adjusted on a regular basis all my life. Even through a rough childhood of football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and college rugby I was able to maintain a healthy cervical spine.

A radiologist that I know looked at the x-ray on the right, just C4-C7, and said it looked like a 40 – 50 year old.

The 19 year old was involved in a trampoline accident over 10 years ago. They had some neck pain but the pain went away and it was forgotten about. Now this person has a long life ahead of them with lots of work to do to stop or slow down the degeneration.

Children playingWhen statistics show us that by the the time our child has reached 10 years old they have had 200 significant falls, we see why chiropractic care for children is so important. When a subluxation can be detected before it degenerates and it’s adjusted to its proper place, the tissues can heal properly and a child is given a second chance.  How many times did you fall off the monkey bars to get where you are now? How many times did you get checked by a chiropractor? How many times should you have been checked by a chiropractor?

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