Hyperkyphosis can lead to an early death

As we get older posture  begins to decline in some, but if you take into effect the computer age , poor posture in our society is becoming an epidemic. Just go into our schools and see what our kids look like or pop into your teenagers room while they’re mindlessly staring into the computer. How heavy is your teenagers head getting in the picture to the right?

Recently, we had a 9 year old boy with slouched posture and 2 inches of head projection in a natural standing position. He suffers from asthma and ear aches. (we’ll post more on him as he progresses)

Teens are not the only vulnerable population, you are also. For every inch of head projection, you are putting 10 pounds of extra force on the spine. Two inches is equivalent to putting a 20 weight on top of your head while in a good posture.

A group that may be in an even higher risk group is women with breast augmentations. As we posted earlier about the possibilities of breast augmentation leading to hyperkyphosis, now we find a health study from 2009 Annals of Internal Medicine that points to worse possibilities. According to the hyperkyphosis study, that just the mere presence of a widows hump/poor  posture leads to early deaths without any other issues.

Posture can be corrected even in the bad environments, but first you must change the environment.

Ultimate Computer ChairHere is an example of the perfect conceptual computer environment with a base price of $2750 that can easily exceed $10,000 with the comfort package.

Since most of us don’t have 10k laying around, try these:

  1. Raise the monitor so they aren’t looking down at it (straight ahead in a nice posture)
  2. Work on correcting posture in seated and standing positions
  3. Do thoracic extension exercises that do not put strain on the spine
  4. Go to Straighten Up America  for great activities for all ages
  5. Consult your local chiropractor for help

Your chiropractor can locate and correct spinal misalignment that causes nervous system dysfunction.  Dysfunction in the nervous system can lead to poor muscle tone that regulates your posture. He or she can also recommend thing you may change in your environment that are not covered in the blog.

Act today, tomorrow is always a day away.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Trace Palmer – Chiropractor

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How many long term studies have been done on augmentation procedures and what is the efficacy of the procures in long term protocols?

Hyperkyphosis Study – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2711520/?tool=pubmed

Hyperkyphosis Study –   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19451575


Car Flips in Richmond Hill Ga – In front of Kroger

In front of Kroger on Ford Ave.  in Richmond Hill, Ga a car flipped.

Today a car flipped out in front of kroger and the gas pumps. There didn’t seem to be any serious injuries or loss of life. – Auto accidents cause injuries even at slow speeds. Ignoring the symptoms of soreness and pain, is like ignoring the oil pressure light in your car. By letting it go, you can cause more wear and tear on your disks and facets that lead to degeneration and arthritis.

A low impact auto accident is generally defined as an incident that takes place at speeds less than 10 miles per hour (mph). This type of collision usually causes the least amount of damage to the vehicles involved. Body injuries can result from any accident and that includes ones that occur with vehicles going less than 10 mph. Soft tissue injuries are the most common problem for those involved in a low impact accident.

A motor vehicle accident that takes place at speeds between under 10 mph often brings about little visible damage to the cars involved. Sometimes due to the fact that minimal damage was done to vehicle the injuries to the people in the vehicles are overlooked. This does not mean that bodily injury did not occur to the passengers during the crash.

 While an automobile is built to take a slow 5 to 10 mph crash that is not necessarily true for your body. In a low impact accident a person’s soft tissue can be damaged.The back and neck are the usual problem spots for soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue is basically a person’s ligaments, tendons and muscles. Soft tissue injuries are typically classified as contusions or bruises, sprains or strains.
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Why do I take X-rays

Why should I get an X-ray at a Chiropractors Office

Many of my patients and perspective patients ask why I take x-rays?

In a two part answer:

#1 – we need to view exactly how the vertebra is misaligned, so we can adjust the vertebra’s position in a very specific manner.

#2 – patients walk into chiropractors offices daily that need help after a minor incident, wether it was yesterday, 10 days ago, or 3 years ago. This patient had fallen on his trampoline and had neck pain for 9 days (not all that intense). Please look at the x-rays and let me know if he’s glad the chiropractor wanted to be very conservative, specific with the correction, and take the patients safety seriously.

Upon further inspection, this patient is withing 2-3mm of a broken neck and being completely paralyzed from the neck down.

Medical intervention was needed. If the chiropractor had given into the patient that said “Just Crack It, Doc”, then the outcome would have been catastrophic.

Specific Chiropractic Healthcare in Richmond Hill Ga is the way to go. Don’t settle for “Just Crack It”.

Thank you,
Dr. Trace Palmer

Dr. Trace Palmer is a third generation chiropractor with 7 chiropractors in his family. With 16 years of experience, Dr. Trace is uniquely qualified to help you reach your health goals. Call today for an appointment and schedule your free consult with our office staff, usually the longer that you wait the longer it takes to regain optimum health.

Do you suffer from: asthma, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, neuropathy, radiculitis, neck pain, back pain, low back pain, arm numbness, arm pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, hip numbness, leg pain, leg numbness, ankle pain, carpal tunnel, torticolisis, or many other neurology related conditions.

Most people wait till its too late, don’t get caught up in the “maybe it will go away”.

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