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What would my grandfather think of Chiropractic today?

Having started his chiropractic career in the 1950’s, he had to fight the good fight and let his patients’ results speak for themselves. He raised two sons that both became chiropractors and ventured into the medically dominated healthcare field in 1969 and 1973.

chiropractor Dr Sid Williams, Dr Fred Barge, & Rome Palmer at Dynamic Essentials in 1977

Dynamic Essentials – 1977

To give you an idea of the medical mind set in the 1960’s, 70’s, & 80’s,  the AMA decided to contain and eliminate chiropractic as a profession. In 1963 the AMA’s Committee on Quackery was formed. The committee worked aggressively — both overtly and covertly — to eliminate chiropractic. One of the principal means used by the AMA to achieve its goal was to make it unethical for medical physicians to professionally associate with chiropractors. Under Principle 3 of the AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics, it was unethical for a physician to associate with an “unscientific practitioner,” and in 1966 the AMA’s House of Delegates passed a resolution calling chiropractic an unscientific cult. To complete the circle, in 1967 the AMA’s Judicial Council issued an opinion under Principle 3 holding that it was unethical for a physician to associate professionally with chiropractors.”  From the court briefings Wilks vs AMA. (That’s my mom in the lower left hand corner in 1976)

Now fast forward to 2012: How has Chiro (with hands) Practic (practice of) changed between my grandfather’s practice and mine. He did exams, so do I. He took x-rays of the spine to confirm misalignment and pathologies, so do I. He used a Zenith Hi-Lo table with a cast iron base, so do I. He adjusted patients’ vertebra with his hands, so do I. He wrote down his notes on every visit for continuity of care, so do I.  He saw patients from a few days old to 100 years old, so do I. He adjusted subluxations that caused nerve interference that inhibited the bodies natural process of being a self healing organism, so do I.

Do you see a trend? As a chiropractor that practices only chiropractic, not much has changed. The structure and function of vertebra, spine and  body has remained the same. We walk, talk, and breath just like we did in the 1960’s. Many of the same chiropractic techniques used in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s  are still in use by a majority of chiropractors today. So if the fundamentals of chiropractic have not changed, what has?

chiropractor most jailed herbert ross reaver

Dr Herbert Ross Reaver

The world around chiropractic has changed. Science, technology, statistics, and the free flow of information have helped people to understand what the results of regular chiropractic care are. Dr. Herbert Ross Reaver, the Galileo of chiropractic, practiced chiropractic from 1929 to 2000 and was jailed 12 times for his work in helping patients. If only Dr. Reaver had the internet, what could he have accomplished?

Today many national media outlets are telling some of the Chiropractic Story –

Diane Sawyer / ABC News  – Put down the pills for neck pain

Dr. Oz – How do chiropractors adjust vertebra and why

Dr. Phil – How chiropractic looks at the whole body, not just symptoms

I have to believe that Grampa would be excited about chiropracTIC.

ChiropracTIC is the science and art of finding and correcting vertebra that are misplaced and causing neurological dysfunction. By moving the vertebra back to its normal position and allowing the command and control system of the body (the nervous system) to function at optimum performance, your body is free to function as it should. Call today to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor.

Yours in health,

Dr. Trace Palmer – Chiropractor

Palmer Chiropractic, 11400 Ford Ave

Richmond Hill, Ga 31324


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